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Step by Step
1. Select your preferred venue
Fitmeapp offers you ultimate flexibility. Book a training session at a gym, outside or at any other place of convenience whether at home or at work with your colleagues.
2. Select your preferred workout
Do not be limited to the range of workouts and classes offered by gyms in your neighbourhood. No you can select any work you fancy.
3. Choose your fitness professional
We work hard to select only the top talent from the industry. All our trainers are qualified and certified professionals with years of experience.
4. Feel the flexibility
You neither have to burden yourself with a lock-in period nor have to be limited with the trainers available at your local gym. Fitmeapp is a guilt-free platform – your workout on-demand.
5. You are all set now
Book your workout in 60 seconds. Once you select a venue, workout and your preferred trainer, simply pick a date, add address, select time and book. That's it, you are all set now.

Your personal trainer on demand
Anytime. Anywhere.

Freedom of choice
In the world of Information Technology you should expect much more service from your local fitness and wellness providers. Searching for a decent professional that meets all your needs could take a lot of time and efforts. The outcome could be just as daunting as the time you spent researching. Fitmeapp filters out trainers and makes sure that every trainer is the best in his or her field. We set very high interview standards and give you access to the top talent from the industry. Now you are flexible to go beyond your local gyms and tight schedule, and find a professional the suits your budget. On your terms.
Absolute flexibility
Take a step back and think of you final fitness goal. Does it involve lock-in periods, membership fees, limited range of professionals, extra premiums or tight schedules dictated by local centres? First off, it is all about you and your goals. Fitmeapp meets your needs by giving you the flexibility to think outside the conventional approach. We have no lock-in periods as we provide services only when you need them (on-demand). We have no membership fees as it is not us who provides the service but our trainers. We do not limit your choice of professionals by area, postal code or their commitment to our platform. We do not have any extra premiums as we do not charge our professional hefty commissions. Most importantly, we provide ultimate flexibility to schedule your training anytime and at any place place of convenience that suit your needs.
Transparency and efficiency
Transparency is the new black. No questions here. We believe that you deserve to know what you pay and what you get for your money. This is why we provide our basic services absolutely for free and do not charge any hidden fees. There is no upper-hand: we create a marketplace where everyone can find a personal trainer under market conditions. The only price tag you deal with is the one communicated by the fitness professional, not by us.

Thanks to the market environment at Fitmeapp you can schedule an entire back-to-back training day with as many professionals as you wish. CrossFit 9-10 am, followed by Yoga 10-11 am, finishing with a nice and relaxing Massage 11-12 pm. Do not accommodate to their schedule, make them accommodate to yours.
We source top professionals to suit your budget and to meet you time preferences. Fitmeapp saves time, money and makes your progression realistic and achievable.

Why Fitmeapp
Fitmeapp offers customers an instant booking option in real-time with fitness professionals in-gym or at places of convenience. No membership fees, no sign up fees, no lock-in periods, no guilt for missing prepaid days at fitness centre, no time constraints, no risk of having an amateur trainer.

Declare yourself the best

Differentiate yourself
In the industry that employs thousands of people it is incredibly hard to build a brand and communicate a better value proposition to the customer. Personal success in body transformation has urged hundreds of amateurs to start offering services for money, thus diluting and compromising the image of personal trainer. Supply side has flooded with unskilled and ambitious second tier amateurs who drive down prices and force top-notch professionals to close their practices.

Fitmeapp is here to help you. We provide an opportunity to strengthen your brand and differentiate from competitors. First off, we do not recruit and list unqualified and uncertified professionals. It is mandatory for a professional to not only be a certified member of a local or overseas professional association, but also to be a qualified trainer via tertiary education. Second, we know that it is hard and time-consuming for fitness professionals to both serve clients and market themselves via multiple channels. Fitmeapp has got your back. Do your best as a trainer while we be doing our best to continuously source you new clients. Let's face it, you deserve it!

Build your own brand
The gym is never a goal by itself, but rather a facilitator that helps you to reach out to customers on gym terms. Fitmeapp is a marketplace with a big difference: you work with us on your terms.
(I) We do not require long-term commitment. You want to serve client – you accept jobs.
(II) We do not limit you location- or time-wise. You can serve clients wherever and whenever you want.
(III) There is no exclusivity. If you think that you have idle capacities, feel free to join a gym or start your own practice.
Fitmeapp is a guilt-free marketplace with no downsides.

Why Fitmeapp
Fitmeapp offers fitness and wellness professionals an instant booking option in real-time with clients in-gym or at places of convenience. No hefty margins, no sign up fees, no lock-in periods, no guilt for building one's brand on the side, no need to compete with amateurs, no need to invest in marketing.

Never miss a customer

Never empty
The customer has become more IT savvy and requires much more support and dedication. Recent trends in wearables, functional training and general fitness have propelled the level of expectations to a new height. New entrants try to find a new niche in the market, whereas other industry establishments continuously pivot to strengthen their value proposition.

In the time of fierce competition Fitmeapp helps to identify new sales channels and improve the client acquisition pipeline. We address the hidden market of trainers and customers that remain under the radar of conventional industry establishments and help to source them on a one-off or subscription basis. Fitmeapp utilises a marketplace approach to address the pain-point of main stakeholders and to facilitate service delivery. With Fitmeapp your centre is never empty
Why Fitmeapp
Fitmeapp offers fitness and wellness professionals an instant booking option in real-time with clients. We integrate our real-time booking platform, so that customers and trainers could book training session at your fitness or wellness centre in real-time whenever free slots appear. No more idle capacities, no more unaddressed needs, no more losing money.