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Fitmeapp offers you ultimate flexibility. Book a training session at a gym, outside or at any other place of convenience whether at home or at work with your colleagues.
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Do not be limited to the range of workouts and classes offered by gyms in your neighbourhood. No you can select any work you fancy.
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We work hard to select only the top talent from the industry. All our trainers are qualified and certified professionals with years of experience.
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You neither have to burden yourself with a lock-in period nor have to be limited with the trainers available at your local gym. Fitmeapp is a guilt-free platform – your workout on-demand.
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Book your workout in 60 seconds. Once you select a venue, workout and your preferred trainer, simply pick a date, add address, select time and book. That's it, you are all set now.
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Whether you prefer a gym experience, or prefer to have a workout in the comfort of your own home, Fitmeapp is a one-stop shop that delivers instant access to personal trainers and fitness services via the convenience of a real-time app.
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Vetted and certified professionals
All our fitness instructors are vetted and qualified professionals. With our rigorous interview process that involves several stages of screening and onsite examinations, we keep only the top talent from the industry.
Featured trainers
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Francisco Arcillus Saco
Performance Enhancement
Fitness Nutrition
Group Personal Training
Weight Loss
Youth Exercise
Learn more
An international certified personal trainer and nutritionist, Arcie has been in the business for more than a decade.
Aurimas Juodka
Performance Enhancement
Fitness Nutrition
Group Personal Training
Weight Loss
Learn more
Professional guidance to safe exercise, strength and conditioning, and weight loss from the former athlete and military service member.
Adria Ferran
Corrective Exercise and Rehabilitation
Fitness Nutrition
Group Personal Training
Youth Exercise
Mixed Martial Arts Conditioning
Learn more
Young, passionate and dynamic coach. Broad experience in different countries and with a wide range of clients. Passionate about reaching maximum performance and results, understanding limits, characteristics and possibilities of the individual.
Continuous progression
You cannot change what you cannot measure. This is why we not only collect your onboarding information, but also continuously update it with most recent session reports. We make continuous progression realistic and achievable.
Frequently asked questions
Fitness Revolution Q&A
What is Fitmeapp?
Fitmeapp is a real-time marketplace for fitness professionals, nutritionists, naturopaths and massage therapists.

The industry of fitness and wellbeing becomes more competitive every single year. Those who worked out with personal trainers and achieved a substantial progress in the past have started own practices and oversupplied the market. With the industry becoming more competitive it is virtually impossible for qualified and certified trainers to differentiate and communicate a better value proposition to the customer. We have found out that under the current circumstances the market inefficiency and the lack of transparency started taking their toll:
1. Fitness centres charge hefty margins taking advantages of this oversupply.
2. Customer's level of satisfaction goes down as a result of training with amateurs.
3. Demand for personal training goes up as a result of ageing population.
4. Gym membership narrows down the range of accredited trainers to in-house only.
5. Wearables and IT democratise training data making second tier professionals virtually redundant.

The platform offers consumers a direct booking option with top-notch fitness professionals at places of convenience. Either in-gym or outside Fitmeapp removes the middle-man, creates efficiency, transparency and gives a personal touch to every customer.
Why should I use Fitmeapp?
Fitmeapp works directly with freelance professionals and trainers at gyms to create a better marketplace for customers. Our recruiting process involves several stages of interview and onsite training sessions to reveal the best talent and to list them on the platform for your convenience. All our trainers and nutritionists are certified professionals registered with most prominent fitness associations.

Next time you desire a personal training session with a qualified specialist simply register on Fitmeapp, gain a direct access to hand-picked professionals and book a slot on your terms in just 60 seconds.
How much do you charge?
It is totally free. No jokes. We only make money by charging our listed fitness professionals and gyms.
How can I register as a fitness professional?
If you are a certified fitness professional, nutritionist, naturopath or massage therapist who wants to gain more visibility and a better exposure of one's studio, bootcamp or nutrition practice you are more than welcome to sign up.

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